Web Check-in to Primary Care Niagara

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Each individual patient that requires medical care must complete a FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration.

Important Instructions

Severe life or limb threatening illnesses or injuries should go directly to the nearest hospital emergency department. For example: conditions such as, but not limited to, chest pain, acute shortness of breath, profuse bleeding, etc.

Patients cannot pre-register for annual physicals or cosmetic procedures on-line.

If you need medication renewal, you are required to bring your empty medication bottles or a print out from the pharmacy. Our clinic does not prescribe narcotics or habit-forming medications.

Canadian patients must present a valid Ontario/provincial health card at reception window or a service fee or a deposit will be required. Not all services that people pre-register for are covered by the Ministry of Health. Out-of-country patients will be required to pay a service fee for care.

You are required to present your FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration confirmation CHECK-IN NUMBER to our receptionist.

Terms and Conditions

Your FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration does not constitute the beginning of a clinic/physician and patient engagement and is not a guarantee of care. The patient engagement will be formalized at our reception window when registration is finalized.

A FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration places a potential patient into the waiting line. Once a patient presents their FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration confirmation, the registration process will be completed at the reception window. ALL patients are placed in the waiting line and called to see a Physician according to the exact time of their FastWebCheck-in pre-registration (on-line or by Smartphone) or their in-person registration.

Patients may be called out of time registration order for the following reasons: The Patient requires only an injection, they have a pre-booked Medical, OR in the on-duty Physicians opinion, a patient’s injury, illness or test results requires immediate attention.

Please understand that we can not predict, in advance, the number of patients who will register for care each day or the nature of the illness or injury that will require treatment. We appreciate your understanding and patience in these matters.

Your FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration is valid only for the day you submit it. If you do not attend the clinic on that day, your registration will be cancelled.

Some medical services or medical care is not provided or cannot be provided at our clinics. Patients may be referred to the hospital or specialists to receive care.

Your FAST WEB CHECK-IN pre-registration is subject to the entire website Terms of Use listed under the link located at the bottom of this page.

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